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RAMJAC is a perfect mix of experience and youthful excitement, combining extensive market knowledge with technical excellence and innovative service, to achieve stellar project outcomes.

RAMJAC Consulting is a leading small business consulting company specializing in the delivery of “on time and on budget” projects minimizing the risks of complex developments.


Founded in 2000 by Company CEO Emanuel Smith, RAMJAC combines local, national and international market knowledge and experience with technical excellence resulting in cost effective, functional and result driven solutions.


Proven success on major projects around the world is testament to RAMJAC’s hard-earned reputation as an industry leaders.

RAMJAC ensures successful project planning, control and management from inception to completion. Tailoring its approach to suit specific client needs, RAMJAC has continued to procure contracts providing the highest quality service and solutions.


RAMJAC prides itself on the following principles

  • Placing client needs above all else

  • Establishing clear and achievable objectives

  • Emphasizing proper planning with a focus on the integration of scope, time, cost and risk

  • Providing the highest quality service

  • Employing exceptional people

  • Ongoing education and development of staff

“We are strong believers in the continuity of our services and we guarantee our professional services for our clients from inception to completion.”


RAMJAC is committed to excellence in tackling the most difficult challenges and projects head on. Our systematic, consistent and highly disciplined approach ensures quality results across all industries and locations.


‘You are only as good as the people around you’ is an old adage that rings true for RAMJAC. Exceptional staff create winning results and this is a culture that RAMJAC has worked diligently to maintain. On-going education, professional development, strategic leadership and continuing guidance of team members are all essential elements that RAMJAC prides itself on.


Commitment to quality solutions, systematic attention to detail, measurable results and overwhelming client satisfaction are all core values of RAMJAC.


RAMJAC has developed a proven methodology that has been instrumental in the successful provision of project and earned value management services, including planning, scheduling, monitoring and control of projects.


Cost and time are two of the most crucial elements in any project. RAMJAC has an acute understanding that a project’s success depends on these parameters and offers the highest quality systems to get the job done, on time and on budget. 


Drawing upon the highest quality industry expertise and upholding exceptional standards means RAMJAC takes on the responsibility to ensure that risks are identified, qualified, quantified and mitigated for complex projects.


The primary challenge is to provide clients with a cost effective full-service delivery ensuring a tailored approach to each project.

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