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RAMJAC provides proposal and program solutions, managing all your planning and reporting requirements from pre-award to award execution to delivery.

Complex projects require tighter controls over scope, time, cost and risk.


Our team members are outstanding practitioners in the planning, scheduling and controls in all areas of Project Management. We have the experience and expertise to improve efficiencies, manage budgets and add value to your project.


Our knowledge and expertise is supported by RAMJAC's in-house methodology and software, ensuring we perform the work accurately, effectively and efficiently.

Our Services Include:

  • Scope definition and project planning,

  • Time scheduling and resource management

  • Procurement planning and execution

  • Risk identification and analysis

  • Risk response planning and mitigation

  • Cost management and control

  • Scope change management and control

  • Contract administration and contractor oversight

We help clients:

  • Improve time and cost performance

  • Ensure best practice planning and scheduling standards are met

  • Minimize cost blowouts

  • Plan for and mitigate risk

  • Manage resources effectively

  • Provide cost control and reporting systems tailored to your needs

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