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RAMJAC is the preeminent leader in EVM training from basic and advanced EVM techniques or project scheduling to specific EVMS needs such as producing useful Variance Analysis Reports (VAR), subcontractor integration, or IBR team training.

RAMJAC's instructors have extensive experience in evaluating EVMS training requirements, designing comprehensive training plans, developing client-specific instructional material, and presenting training workshops.

The Benefit of Earned Value In-House Training

  • Whatever your EVMS training needs, RAMJAC has the depth and breadth of experience to conduct the training you need.

  • Tailor content to your business environment. We can incorporate your specific forms, reports, or artifacts to reflect your EVMS or project specific environment.

  • Focus on areas that need improvement. Frequently a self assessment or a customer review can highlight EVMS process areas that require additional training. Specific, tailored training can help to address the issues and enable you to quickly respond to corrective action requests.

Key Features

  • Opportunity for one-on-one mentoring with subject matter experts.

  • Content can reflect your business environment, project specific needs, toolsets, or training objectives.

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