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RAMJAC Consulting Inc.

Welcome to RAMJAC Consulting, where expertise meets excellence in proposal development and program management. With a track record of successfully handling multiple multi-billion-dollar programs, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of Proposal and Program Management, Scheduling, and Earned Value Management (EVM).

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Recent Contract Awards

AM General

$8.6 Billion JLTV Program Proposal development and Award Execution.

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RAMJAC Consulting is a leading Veteran Owned Small Business consulting company specializing in the delivery of “on time and on budget” projects minimizing the risks of complex developments.

Planning & Scheduling

RAMJAC provides proposal and program solutions, managing all your planning and reporting requirements from pre-award to award execution to delivery.

Project Management

RAMJAC's experienced team members have extensive expertise in Project Management Our team provides accurate and timely information and advice to help assess the overall performance and delivery of projects.

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Earned Value Management

We pride ourselves in delivering our 25+ years of knowledge and experience of EVM methodologies to the both the government and private sector.  

CPM Scheduling

CPM scheduling is an integral tool for delivering value-added services.

Risk management

Our specialists identify and evaluate project risks, manage risk registers, facilitate qualitative risk assessments, conduct quantitative risk analyses, and develop risk mitigation strategies and plans. 


RAMJAC will educate your employees in the most current government contracting regulations to help you minimize risk of adverse issues. 



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